AKA, the new, progressive and luxury contemporary brand to enter the fashion scene in recent times has already made quite a stir with their trendy and innovative products. Created and founded in Manchester in 2006, AKA’s minimalist and monochromatic design have started a craze within the UK and globally.

Modelled on vintage clothing - a vibrant mix of blacks and whites

The label started by specializing in a general t-shirt line and was focused only on Men’s fashion with the hope of branching into women’s wear down the line. Over the years the brand continued to evolve by building on their ongoing success and working hard at launching even more exciting things by experimenting with their existing patterns, graphics and designs. As they gained popularity and the craze for AKA continued, they branched out and grew their collection. Now, close to a decade later, the AKA brand offers a full range of clothing such as t-shirts, pants, shirts, dresses, jackets as well as accessories for both men and women.

Released in 2013, their AW13 collection in particular was a masterpiece. It stuck to the basics that made them popular but took it one step further by experimenting with loud colours and tie-dye effects. The result was a phenomenal success.

Gathering their inspiration from vintage influences, AKA’s classic designs and signature style has always been a vibrant mixture of black and white. Set against a colour palette of greys and blacks, the intricate hand-designed prints stand out and create a stunning and powerful visual effect. To wear one of AKA’s signature printed tees is to showcase your spirit and individuality.

Hand designed prints - streetwear to inspire

AKA had a bold vision for the future and they showed that off with their AW13 collection, which was an enormous hit because while most of the label’s pieces are designed in black and white, the stark contrast created by the splashes of vibrant colour and tie-dye effects perfectly encompassed the spirit of the punk trend. And even more exciting, were all the new items added to the collection such as bomber jackets, casual shirts and sweatshirts. Each item is a must have for every wardrobe because they can so easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and are great transition pieces since they can be layered up for the cooler days.

For women, AKA incorporates their trademark graffiti signage and graphics into long, loose tops, and soft, flowing dresses for the feminine, girly girl. And for the rocker girl with an edge, their tight fitted tees and cropped tops come with attitude and mean business.

Fashion forward designs from the masters - AKA Clothing

With their reasonable prices, which is affordable to the general population, their quality products and fashion forward designs, it’s easy to see why AKA’s popularity and reputation continues to grow. The label’s clothing can be purchased online through various online retailers as well as on AKA’s own website. They ship internationally and offer free delivery within the UK.

So grab your very own AKA piece and post a picture on Instagram to show your love. AKA loves hearing from their consumers and is very active in social media. Make sure to check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed for information on their new collections and updates on what they’re up to.

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