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Online street style publication Tunes, Trends and Threads (TTT) got it right when they captured the latest New York urban looks in a series of photos where C&V fit right in. Yes the move is to flash-floral and sports graphics. Black, white and grey still beat all colour schemes but striking acid-flash accents in psychedelic yellows, blues and greens show we are rounding the corner from the nuclear winter of the Great Recession.

Devoted to the pursuit of individual style, “Music is My Religion” is the company mantra, and while all kinds of startling, collaged graphics can be found in the Chptr & Vrse line, the company is now best known for its gritty biblical themed T-shirts which depict naked nuns, crosses and rosaries, DJ Saviours and rough urban landscapes. More cheeky-cheery, however, are the almost Hawaiian looking florals in hot pink, electric blue and luscious lavender. All designs display a masculine vigour with naughty undertones but seriousness of purpose.

Chptr and Vrse - street clothing that will make you stand out from the crowd

The use of sharp graphics, song lyrics, retro musical imagery (especially of the 80s) and Americana is also a signature of the Chptr & Vrse brand as they inspire the ultimate individual style which encourages the clever use of accessories, colour play and a delightful confusion. Now with 77,000 Twitter followers, the brand has picked up a loyal following which is expected to continue long into the future. Chptr & Vrse say they creates clothing with passion their clients can feel, and always add, “We hope you have as much enjoyment wearing our garments as we have had creating them”. Hard work, enjoyment, and yes, love go into all products.

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