The British fashion landscape welcomed a brand new clothing brand 11 Degrees in 2014! Within a few short months the label sky rocketed to popularity with a league of faithful followers as well as celebrity fans

Urbanwear from 11 Degrees Clothing

36 year old entrepreneur Christian Hoyle who already owns a diner as well as a hair salon has set up 11 Degrees. Endorsing this brand new brand is Gary Beadle, known simply as Gaz, the star of the hit MTV reality television show, Geordie Shore has personally backed the label and modeled their clothing. In fact he is the face of the edgy, new brand. If you or your lad are fans of Gary Beadle’s fashion style then you’re sure to love this brand!

The label designed the clothing line for men who care about their appearance and who can look cool, hip and trendy with very little effort. The targeted age group for the collection is men between the ages of 14 and 30. However, some of their pieces are versatile and conservative enough to be worn by older men.

Clothing designed for today's urban male

Not surprisingly, their clothing line consists of easy to wear street-wear but with an attitude. The line carries t-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, joggers, headwear and vests all with their trademark 11° logo stamped on the pieces. The label has a little bit of something for everyone, as their designs range from chic and smooth looking tops, trendy in their absolute simplicity to the bolder colours and patterns with flower motifs and polka dots. There is an interesting mix of checkered patterns, mesh layers and a mix and match of discordant colours that come together to create a visually stunning and unique piece of clothing. Whether you’re surfing, chilling out with your friends or going out for drinks, you cannot go wrong with an 11 Degrees top.

Clothing from 11 Degrees will also be featured heavily in the newest season of Geordie Shore and will no doubt became the newest craze for fans of the show and Gaz’s style. So grab one now and stay one step ahead of the fashion trends!

Menswear direct from the Geordie Shore

Their products can be purchased through various online retailers and fashion clothing stores across the country like Fallen Hero, which stock some of the most hottest and most desirable menswear brands. They have a very active presence in social media and they can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as Pinterest.

Their vision for the future is to take their brand to new heights and make it a globally recognized brand. The hope is to have 100-piece collection by 2016. Keep an eye out for this brand and remember 11 Degrees because they’re about to take on the fashion world by storm!

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