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Sik Silk - street inspired menswear

Sik Silk was and is the answer for a dying industry. One that lost its drive, passion and direction. Founded in Britain in 2012 by a group of people drawing inspiration from around the world the unique Sik Silk line of clothing is proud to be recognized globally as an international brand.

The American, British and Japanese fashion world, their street culture and vibes, have all played a part in influencing the clothing designed and created by Sik Silk.

Street culture embodied as clothing

Their wide range of quality made products has a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you’re the conservative and sophisticated dresser who prefers a sleek, professional look, or a world-class traveller who dresses for comfort or the reveller who lives and breathes for that next party on a far away beach, Sik Silk has it all.

Although the pieces are tailored mainly towards men, the t-shirts, hoodies, shirts and tanks are also very popular among women and can be paired with shorts, skirts, leggings and vests to pull together cute and sexy looks.

Urban streetwear designed with passion

One of Sik Silk’s passions is to experiment with colours, discordant patterns, and pick and choose from different things to create pieces, which boast visually stunning graphics and designs. Their goal is to push the boundaries and limits of fashion trends and make the unconventional, conventional.

A distinctive clothing brand, fashion forward and elegant

They pride themselves on having created a distinctive brand, which is trendy, fashion-forward as well as, elegant. The beauty of their pieces lies in the small, intricate details and their bold visions. The creators of Sik Silk wanted people to be able to express themselves and create their individuality with their clothing.

In the last three years Sik Silk’s brand has grown exponentially due in part to skilled marketing with a strong presence in social media, television, the press, music and word of mouth. But the biggest contributing factor to their success is the loyalty of their customers and the rave reviews they’ve received across the fashion industry. Why do people keep going back to Sik Silk? Because they know that to buy a piece from Sik Silk is to buy a quality item with a wow factor in it. It’s a product that lives up to its promises. Sik Silk’s commitment has always been to create products people will not just need but which they will want.

In 2012 Sik Silk landed on the fashion scene with a splash and they are here to stay. Their products are accessible and worn by celebrities, the rich and famous and the general population alike. They have a faithful client base and are loved by their global customers.

Fashion that landed with a splash - Sik Silk Clothing

The exciting challenge laying ahead for Sik Silk is to create and move their future collections into all the areas that play a significant role in the lifestyle of their global consumers.

Sik Silk has confidence in their abilities to take their brand to the next level and are looking forward to tackling new challenges ahead.

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