Dirty Angels is fresh to the fashion scene, and also come with some fresh new ideas which are much appreciate by streetwear lovers all across the UK:

Clothing from Dirty Angels - Urban style fresh from the streets

‘It isn’t just about chasing the latest fashion styles, but starting the styles of our own for others to chase. Imitation is something we do not do.’

The brand offers a completely different perspective to the urban fashion industry as their founders are in fact not from of a fashion-based background, but from one of creativity and design. However their huge belief that dressing well is absolutely essential is what allowed this brand to be born and develop into such greatness.

Something we really have to take note of is that the Dirty Angels founders are extremely considerate of their customers and what they desire out of a streetwear item. Graphic prints play a large part in the design of their collection; therefore they spent much time creating comfort whilst not losing out on the quality of their designs. As a result, they found that 70% cotton and 30% polyester was the magic combination to ensure high quality graphics and high quality feel – the best of both worlds!

Stylish T-shirts as worn by the urban celebrity

Another factor which highlights that Dirty Angels are forever thinking about their customers is that they really do appreciate that there is a vast range of people out there, and that everyone is different. So they felt that it was imperative to have a variety in t-shirt style too, to cater for everyone’s needs and desires. There is a variety of different tee shapes, from differences in neck shapes, sleeve lengths and fits, pocket placement etc. This large variation in style along with the large variation of graphic prints means that there is literally something for everyone!

The inspiration for their graphics is ‘about capturing the moment and expressing it in design’. The images are taken from holidays, parties, music, film, tattoos, photography and every other aspect of life that someone may experience.

There is also much consideration into what occasions their clothing may be worn for. There is the smart polo look with various graphics, however why stop at one polo shape! From the pique polo to the more casual yet adventurous in design polo – ideal for work or play!

Fashion from Dirty Angels - as worn by Mark Wright and other TOWIE cast members

They have a fine selection of base colours for their graphic tees and also their logo tees. Mixing up branding placement to keep you guys on your toes, they wanted to stray away from standard, and to be honest, over done branding of the logo on the chest for every design. For Dirty Angels, on their graphic tees the back right shoulder is perfect placement for their appropriately designed winged logo. However, for the smarter polos, the front left shoulder was a more conservative and better option. Of course for the logo tee is it essential to use the Dirty Angels logo on the chest for those trademark pieces.

So no matter who you are or what your preferred style is, Dirty Angels have got it covered- any style, for any occasion, for anyone!

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